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Married to the Job

Date: Wednesday, 2 Nov 2016
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Rachel Stangel

There is a special place in my heart for Keagan’s. I never thought that when I started working for the company over 8 years ago, that I would fall so much in love with the staff and our regulars like I have.

So much so that I even ended up marrying one of my regulars! When the military took my husband and I to Florida and came back to Virginia Beach two years later, I couldn’t wait to put my kilt back on and get back behind the bar. Everyone immediately welcomed me back with open arms and it reminded me how lucky I am to know all the amazing people that work and frequent here.

Next time you drop in to the pub, say hello – it may be the start of another great friendship!

Book a Party

There are those special occasions in your life when a 6 pack and a couple of frozen pizzas just won’t cut it, so draft in the party professionals – the Irish.